About us

We believe in a future where everyone is valued and appreciated as an individual. A world where we all get the support we need to thrive - in our communities, our workplaces and our personal lives.


We’re an experienced international team, working collaboratively to embed person-centred practices at the heart of teams and organisations.

As a social enterprise, we’re dedicated to change that helps people to support and collaborate with each other, and create better lives together.

What we do

We offer support through co-designed development projects, consultancy and training – in health and social care, education, communities and beyond.

Working with individuals, teams and organisations, we take a practical, creative approach to everything we do.

That might mean working with you within a care home, school or hospital, to explore what kind of change people are looking for and how person-centred practices could help.

It could be introducing one-page profiles into the way you work, and helping to demonstrate the everyday benefits of personalisation where you are.

Or, because we believe in sharing what we learn together, it could mean collaborating to publish an e-book, creating a new learning tool or making a contribution to the development of policy at the highest level.

Whatever we’re doing, we work hard to understand what you want to change and what your learning needs are, and to design a programme with you that’s tailored to achieving your objectives.

We find creative, fresh ways to engage people and reflect different learning styles and preferences.

We’re committed to continual learning, sharing what we learn and always working to improve what we do.

How we work

We value creativity, thinking, learning and authenticity, and seek to bring these qualities into everything we do.