Posters and Templates

We print a range of templates that have either been designed by us or in partership with Grove Consultants International. These can be used in meetings, training, events and conferences. We can also design bespoke templates for your event or conference.

We also print a range of posters, developed in partnership with HSA, for children to fill in at home or school. These are fun to do, and the information can be used to begin a one-page profile or person-centred plan.

Our templates are designed to fit onto a pinboard (see and some are designed for pinboard walls (twice the length of a pinboard); however, we can print to any size according to your specification.

Standard size, pinboard: (118 x 138 cm)

Large size, twice the length of a pinboard: (118 x 239 cm)

Our templates are available as A4 PDF files (Portable Document Format). You will require the Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view and print these documents.

For more information, please contact us by phone (0161 442 8271) or email us at