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Team 15

Team 15 helps managers, professionals and their teams to learn how to create effective person-centred practices in a flexible, modular format.

All you have to do is find fifteen minutes in an existing team meeting, and we’ll give you the resources you need to have a successful learning experience within your team meeting.

If you have already invested in e-learning, Team 15 makes it easy for teams to implement what they have learned. Your team members can review the e-learning module before the meeting (which takes no more than ten to twenty minutes). Then, we will provide all the resources needed to make your meeting run smoothly for the allotted fifteen minutes in your team meeting. We provide short video, exercises and resources, all around a specific person-centred thinking tool. There are 8 to choose from.

Team 15 is free if you have bought 25 e-learning packages – please enter your code to log in.

Find out more by sending us an email at claire@helensandersonassociates.co.uk