Team 15

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Team 15 helps managers, professionals and their teams to learn how to create effective person-centred practices in a flexible, modular format.

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Team 15 is a resource containing various 15-minute activities that you can include in a team meeting agenda. The purpose is to keep the team familiar with and confident in using person-centred thinking tools in their day-to-day work. Team 15 is suitable both for staff members who work directly with people needing support and those who don’t.

Team 15 can be slotted into your usual agenda as a standing item, and there are resources here for up to 15 meetings.

Each Team 15 activity is described in a downloadable plan and includes an introduction, an activity and a full set of required resources. The facilitator will be able to introduce the tool either by showing a 1 – 2 minute film or by using the script.